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Rising in popularity among the CBD world is the use of “whole-plant” products, which include making use of the CBD hemp flower effects. These flowers are full of phytocannabinoids, which include CBD (cannabidiol) and CBG (cannabigerol). Terpenes and flavonoids within the flower are what provide the potent smell and contribute to the CBD and CBG effects produced. Many of the CBD products for sale at White Dragon Botanicals LTD include the use of CBD hemp flower.

Identifying CBD Hemp Flower Benefits

The benefits associated with the CBD often depends on the method of ingestion. Smoking CBD hemp flower can make the effects more intense than taking an oil tincture and usually works more quickly. The way you choose to partake is up to your personal preferences.

The benefits include:

  • Help with sleeping – many people have experienced a decrease in sleep deprivation while using products containing whole-plant CBD. Many refer to the effect of feeling “chill.”
  • Anti-inflammatory – cannabinoids and terpenes found in these flowers have anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • May help with pain – many of the full-spectrum and CBD hemp flower products on the market are aimed to help patients who experience pain. Many of these products are sold as topicals to help with minor discomfort in the body.
  • Good for your skin – the hemp plant is full of amino acids, vitamins, and nutrients that are great for your skin. 
  • May help with anxiety and depression – many people choose CBD products to help with the side effects they experience from anxiety and depression. Compared to using medications, using CBD is non-addictive, with few to no side-effects.

When you are choosing to use CBD products, it is vital to your health that you make sure the producer takes extra precautions and that testing for quality has been done.

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