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Ouachita Farms CBD Rosin Capsules

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Rosin Caps - THC/CBD/CBN/CBG/T-Free

These are different versions of our cannabis oil in capsule form. For all Rosin Caps we start with our True Full Spectrum 500mg CBD Rosin Drops as a base and add either more rosin or a specific cannabinoid distillate to formulate our capsules.

Some people wonder, how do you have a THC capsule?

We take the highest potency full spectrum oil we can make under federal guidelines and encapsulate it to get our THC Rosin Caps. The most THC allowed is 3mg/ml. These capsules go right to the line and are tested by Steep Hill Labs in Little Rock along every step of the way. The THC Rosin Caps are also loaded with other cannabinoids like CBD, CBC, and CBG. All of the products made from our rosin are also full of natural terpenes that are preserved by our solventless extraction process.

CBD Rosin Caps: 15mg CBD per cap

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