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We’ve created a range of kratom blends from our favorite veins and strains. Whether you use kratom for pain relief, relaxation or a sense of wellbeing, we have a blend for you.

Did you know you can blend your kratom strains for a safe, enjoyable, and brilliant experience? Probably not. But trust me when I say that you need to get on the bandwagon quickly. Let me explain why.

You are probably aware of the major strains — Green vein, red vein, and white vein. Now here’s the cool thing. You can mix and match various strains and extract to make a customized kratom blend that perfectly fits your individual needs. Not only will this let you enjoy the benefits of various strains from the same product, but it will also lead to an enhancement of the existing properties. You see, blending various strains complement each other, and the overall benefits are vastly improved.

That being said, there are a few vital factors to be mindful of while blending your speciosa. This ensures that you don’t go overboard and experience unpleasant side- effects. Lucky for you, we are here to do just that.

To begin with, let’s talk about what essentially is a kratom blend?

Blended kratom is a mixture of 2 or more strains that have been carefully measured and blended. The idea behind a kratom blend is to marry the best qualities strains from the same region or kratom from different growing areas. This is done to enhance the best qualities of both strains. Hence, leading to an amplification of the overall properties.

Keep on reading further to learn the best kratom blended strains that you can mix right from within the comforts of your home.


You’ll be glad to know that it is completely safe to mix and match various kratom strains. But the act remains that just like anything else that is kratom-related, you ought to follow the proper protocol for blending different strains. Considering that the majority of bad press surrounding kratom stems from the fact that users tend to take the wrong combination of ketum or go overboard with the recommended dosage.

Lastly, moderation is key. Keep your use of blended kratom to a minimum. Ensure to ingest your blend separately from your routine kratom regimen to avoid any unpleasant side effects.


From relief to relaxation, these innumerable effects are primarily due to the alkaloids present in the herb. While the most prominent alkaloids responsible for most of the effects are namely; Mitragynine and 7 Hydroxymitragynine, there are over 40 more.

You see, the alkaloids vary vastly from strain to strain. What does this mean to you? When you blend the different strains, you essentially combine all the different strains into one product. Consequently, you will get the benefits of various strains from one single product.

Here’s a simple example that will make you understand the entire process rather easily. Let’s suppose that your kratom experience is like a pizza, and the alkaloids make up the different ingredients you’re going to use to make the pizza.

Understandably you can eat the pizza ingredients, such as mushrooms, olives, cheese, the sauce, all by itself. And it will all taste great. But what happens when you marry all these individually delicious ingredients? You will get the final product, aka pizza, that will not only taste fantastic, but you will also be able to satiate all your taste buds.


Now before we move to the How of blending kratom, let’s look at why you should be blending your all-natural kratom in the first place.

To start with, blending your strains is a surefire way to fight off stagnant strain syndrome, aka kratom tolerance. Say you have been using a particular strain for a long time. While it may have worked wonders in the past, you find out it just isn’t its magic anymore. Now you could also go ahead and increase your dosage. But let’s not forget that increasing the recommended dosage can have a host of other side effects, including seizures, increased heart rate, and liver damage.

By contrast, if you mix it with other strains, you will not only avail yourself of the old benefits but also enhance its properties. And the good news? It comes with no added side- effects.

What’s more, mixing and matching various strains will help you learn more about the individual kratom strains and how they complement each other. Not to mention that it will also give you something new and interesting to do to take the quarantine blues off. Besides, it is also fun to try out new things. Isn’t it?


Needless to say, you need to be mindful of the effects that you are aiming for. Perhaps you want to increase the relieving properties of a particular strain. Or maybe you are looking to avail both relaxing and relieving properties in the same strain. Whatever your reasons may be, here are a few top kratom blends to keep in mind.

  • Green Malay with Red Bali is vastly popular for relief.
  • Red Vein Sumatra and Red Vein Borneo are excellent for relaxation.
  • White Maeng Da Kratom and Red Vein Borneo are the best blends for Euphoria.
  • White Maeng Da and Green Malay is a fantastic morning pick-me-up and will leave you running high.
  • White Vein Thai and White Maeng Da are the ultimate combos for enhancing stimulation.
  • Green Horn and White Borneo is a perfect blend for uplifting your mood on those days when you feel a little blue.


To put it all in a nutshell, the best-blended kratom vastly surpasses the benefits of individual strains. Not only does it let you customize your experience, but it will also give you something enjoyable to do while cooped up inside your homes.

The only thing you need to be mindful of is to start slow. Stick to the recommended dosage and start with small doses of the strains you are looking to blend. And slowly build your way to that sweet spot that will help you avail of maximum benefits without any side effects. So What Are You Waiting For?

Measure, blend and ingest away. Share with friends or family looking to blend kratom strains at home safely. Happy blending!