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Buy Kratom Extracts For Sale

When you’re looking for high-quality kratom extracts, White Dragon Botanicals LLC is the only supplier you need. We carry several strains of kratom at affordable prices.


If you’re just getting started with kratom, you may think kratom extracts and kratom powder are the same. They may even look similar as you browse all the kratom for sale in our store. However, they are very different. Extracts are made from leaves that are processed for a much longer period, resulting in a thick paste containing mainly the most active ingredients. The paste is then turned into a solid or semi-solid extract that can be up to 15 times stronger than kratom powder.


A mature Kratom plant is dried and crushed into a fine powder. The leaves are the last thing to go through the process, once they’re stripped from their stem and turned into tiny bits of dust before being mixed with all other components in what becomes known as kratom powder.

Kratom extract is more potent than regular kratom powder. The process for making it starts with the same steps: boiling dried leaves or finely ground powder in water until its color changes and then straining them out. But to concentrate, some extra effort must be put into extracting all of the alkaloids from those ingredients by continuing to boil for longer periods–sometimes up to eight hours!

Kratom extract is a more potent form of kratom, so, understandably, the extraction process makes up for its cost.


Not all kratom extracts come in solid or semi-solid forms; we also supply liquid kratom extract. Regardless of whether you like Bali, Borneo, Maeng Da, or other strains, there are good reasons for using kratom in liquid form.  

If you’re looking for high-quality liquid kratom for sale.

White Dragon Botanicals LLC can meet your needs. We’ll answer all your questions and help you to decide on the best strain for you. Whether you’re looking for white, green, red, or other types of kratom, contact us today and let us help you!